From the Desk Of: Pastor Jessie Faye Manuel

A Thought: 

The Word teaches us how to break free from other people's opinions.  Too
often, we press the pause button on our purpose, because  we listen to

 friends and family who don't believe in our potential and don't share our

 dreams.  You have to learn that the criticism you hear from other people

 can't outweigh the directions you hear from God. 

When God 

 gives you a mission, you have to go for it.  Let the words of doubters, haters

 and naysayers roll off your shoulders while you keep moving forward. 

 Jesus had tons of people doubting him and criticizing Him, but he kept 

walking in God's Will.  Follow His example today and break free from other

 peoples' opinions.

ABOUT :  Pastor Jessie Manuel

Pastor Jessie Manuel Pastors Shady Grove CME Church in Simsboro, La and The historic Martin Chapel CME Church in Monroe District of the Fourth Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Christian Church.  She is Singer, Musician, Author, and Licensed Specialty Nurse. Her love for The Lord and Children are seen evident in her daily walk in teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Look for her latest Book at Amazon. Com and the usual electronic book outlets.







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